Dress really can talk about your mood. This sweater is supposed to show the world that I'm happy. For me it works great! This is my advice - stand out, be yourself and really show the world what you really feel!

photo - Zuzanna Oses

Sweater - Tommy Hilfiger
Pants - Zara
Shoes - River Island
Bag - Bershka



I thought a long time wether to publish this report. I never wanted my blog to become another common, typical blog showing footage from a fashion show, collections of famous designers or photos from parties till dawn. I wanted this blog to be mine - have my thoughts, photos and looks. However the Poland Fashion Week is something completely different. It's not created by clothes, the runway or premiere collections but by people - the models, designers and stylists. I'm not too interested in the presented clothes, they are mostly for women and I'll never buy them anyway. So I'm not going to preted that I was amazed by the materials, colors or the style of the dresses because I'm not an expert in that and I just don't care. It's the people that I met there that inspired me. Each opinion was like a new pair of shoes and the things we talked about and what I have been inspired to - like wearing a new coat. I think that it's not the presence in the Fashion Week to be proud of, but being a part of that unusual, different and almost unreal world.

Thank you all!