We all have a bit of the child inside us. Sometimes it is enough to put on something that will give us an opportunity to travel into the magical land of fairy tales, where Goofy tells great jokes, Homer Simpson is about to do some crazy stuff and spider-man saves the world! Everyone needs these moments to run away from adult life, and once again become a carefree toddler. Welcome to my cartoon world!

fot. Klaudyna Mlynarska

t shirt with Flinstone - H&M
t shirt with goofym - H&M
t shirt with spider-man-primark
t shirt with Simpson - H&M
t shirt with all characters - Marvel
pants - Stradivarius



We call them bad boys, hooligans, freaks. They wear heavy boots, white t-shirts and look as if they just woke up. But what they wear the most often is leather. Ramones, jackets, pants, leather’s elements always give a naughty look. Why, shouldn’t try? Bring a little danger to your life. Be naughty.

fot. Ewelina Ledzion

leather jacket no name
Shirt - H&M
pants - H&M (Hand Made)
Shoes - Gino Rossi



May suprises. When you think that the summer has just begun, it's getting cold and chilly. The easiest way to protect against the cold is slipping on light and comfortable sweater. I've chosen the one with Bert, Sesame Street character, because I love cartoons. The way to look original and fine is simple. Just put on a sweater you like and usual pants. Feel free, it's the most important. Just be yourself.

sweater- H&M



So, as the title of my first post said - here we go. This blog isn't typical website dedicated to fashion, or at least I'm going to avoid this. Recently, everything is fashion, each article of clothing which appears on the runways and there is nothing what is dressed (with appropriate accesories) and looks bad or unfashionable. That’s why I won’t write about fashion designers and the expensive brands. I have to ask you to treat this page with a wink and focus more on what is aesthetic and the refinement. The time put into the first post.

fot. Ewelina Ledzion

denim vest - hand made
T-shirt - Calvin Klein
jeans - H&M